Wednesday, May 14, 2008

looking but not touching continues

Sunday May 18 at 5 pm
Right Window Gallery
ATA, 992 Valencia Street at 21st, San Francisco
This is the second night of RIGHT WINDOW, FOURTH WALL

#1.Moira Roth Through the Eyes of Rachel Marker, Part II Rachel Marker & Walter Benjamin/ The Café & the Labyrinth Paris, 1930-Berlin, 1990. #2.Anne McGuire, Woods Big the in House Little. The manual reworking of an American classic of children's literature #3.Peter Max Lawrence & Chelsea America Torres, The Other Half. #4.Rebecca Parks-Ramage, Peaches. Photo: Rebecca Parks-Ramage

Don't miss:
Sunday, May 25, 7 pm: Jaime Cortez, Amanda Davidson, Ariel Goldberg, Shalo Penuela, Moira Roth, Margaret Tedesco. Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 1 pm: Krystle L. Ahmadyar, Danny Minnick, video by Modern Garage Movement, Jocelyn Saidenberg & Chris Nagler, the music of Stalker Holler.

looking but not touching is a live performance series at RIGHT WINDOW GALLERY curated by Cassie Riger