Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Pig, Pig

The first solo exhibition of work by Yang “Buurin” Yu-Zhen

The work presented in Pig, Pig highlights Yang “Buurin” Yu-Zhen's diverse subject matter – landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. The exhibition features works made with graphite on paper and watercolor.

Buurin is a dedicated member of the Creativity Explored community – she prefers the term ‘worker’ over artist. She is always quick to help teaching artists, gallery staff, and fellow artists in the studio. Her detailed artworks reveal her dedication to her craft, her Chinese heritage, and love of cultures all around the world.

The exhibition is viewable from the sidewalk anytime, day or night, during September. 

Artwork from the exhibition will be available for purchase by request. Interested patrons are invited to place an inquiry via email at gallery@creativityexplored.org