Thursday, April 1, 2021

Musette Perkins | Revolutionary Petunias

A solo exhibition of Musette Perkins’ work

Curated by Leeza Doreian

04.03.21 - 04.28.21

992 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

hosted by Ajit Chauhan 

The Nature of This Flower Is to Bloom from Revolutionary Petunias.

by Alice Walker


Rebellious. Living.

Against the Elemental Crush.

A Song of Color


For Deserving Eyes.

Blooming Gloriously

For its Self.


The work presented in Revolutionary Petunias, created by Musette Perkins, emerges from the depth of her ongoing investigation of color, pattern, and unwavering commitment to beauty.


The majority of the work was created at Perkins' kitchen table studio while sheltering in place and sourced from four books of clip art, which she reimagined through her process of editing, cropping, and combining images. The largest painting in the exhibition was created in the fall of 2018 when Perkins was able to work for three months at Art Explosion Studios in San Francisco, a smaller and more private space. Within this intimate setting, Perkins experimented with a drastically different scale, and with a challenging set of compositional concepts.


Through the clarity of her lines, the application of marks, and her highly personal exploration of color, each painting and drawing becomes its own visual world.

Artwork from the exhibition will be available for purchase by request. Interested patrons are invited to place an inquiry via email at