Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cosmogram: Everything is Possible

Cosmogram: Everything is Possible

A window installation by Christine Canepa

July 2nd - July 28

Curated by Paula Pereira


As described by the artist, "Mapping and Remapping our sublime quotidian: The Gypsies Tent" is intended to tackle the theme of consumption. " I do believe that the reflexivity stops one from being fully present in both understanding and appreciation of his/her surroundings. I also believe that at the core of our reflexive system is a matrix of mapping and remapping. Thus, in this body of work, I will be particularly interested in analyzing the system of architectural connections between the physical elements and horror vaccui dominant aesthetic. I began referencing the outside world hodgepodge through informational overlapping, until the point of self-annihilation and self-denial of the rendered elements when they start to loose their hierarchy. By using different cultural iconography, and by imposing and superimposing recognizable with more abstracted similes, I attempt to create a matrix of polyphonic images in my work. In doing so, I am more interested in offering the viewer the basis for personal stories, rather than didactical answers."