Sunday, August 1, 2021

Tommi West | Ornate Tassels

August 2021

An opulent look at hyper-decorative reality

Right Window invites you to gaze upon a curated selection of resplendent objects, an homage to the interior decorations we choose to adorn our living spaces with as a means of comfort and cushioning. Tommi West’s generous use of fringe, trims, notions, and baubles encourages your immersion into a diorama of extreme ornamentation.

Tassels are a form of embellishment — originally the termination of a cord to prevent the unraveling with a knot. Over time, the simple knot transformed into intricate gilded bindings with bands of silk threads hanging vertically, secured to a center form.

Pause to marvel at a sumptuous display of silken ribbonry, twisted threads, faceted beads, and intricate
tchotchkes as you proceed through the labyrinthine kaleidoscope known as the Valencia Corridor on your
way home.

Each of us feathers our own nest with non-necessary adornments as a soothing antidote to the harshness of the outer world. How do aesthetic objects enhance our perceptions of reality? Does the innate form of a tassel provide a sense of security, helping prevent us from becoming unraveled?