Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ava Koohbor | Eye of Noir

Art works by Ava Koohbor 
January 26th through February 28th, 2021
992 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA
open 24 hours a day via the street window
hosted by Colter Jacobsen 

Parallel universe. Multiverse. The universe. Earth. Borders. Land. Property. Government. City. Family. Me. Breath. Life. ART. Every found object carries the city's consciousness in its being. This exhibition examines the interplay between objects, space and time. Tarred objects (how deep fossil fuel is involved in our daily life), magnetic fields (planetary attraction and repulsion), and our shared momentary dilemma over taking part in it all.


Ava Koohbor lives in San

Francisco. She is a denier of IT IS and a seeker for WHAT IS. Through sound, words, and objects she tries to find balance in everyday chaos. Her publications include a book of poems Death Under Construction and Triangle Squared, three fictional conversations among Duchamp, Cage, and Feldman. More info may be found at: avakoohborarts.com.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a closer look, contact Ava Koohbor at: