Saturday, June 15, 2013

Katie Bush - Rapture of the First Fruits

Rapture of the First Fruits
(A Panorainbow Lady Output Dedicated to all Aorally-upright Babies of a New Tomorrow)
Large Format Art Exhibition 

by Katie Bush

June 1 - July 1, 2014

America’s Favorite Lady (Katie Bush) introduces an illuminated panorainbow lady output dedicated to the morally-upright babies of a new tomorrow. With cyclopean focus, the artist has created a sexually selfish night-based environ sure to push these United States further and further down its invisible depravity ladder. Behold as pant-less wonderbeings projectile vomit beauty rays onto the rainbow-resistant loveless, wrestling their way through plumes of genitally delicate love squadrons trampling over dehydrated sunburned lesbian babies. Much to the merriment of many a learn’ed contemporary art lover, this massive aesthetic scourge is made all the more horrible by Miss Bush’s psychedelic use of pixel configurations bursting with defective plutonium-tipped integrity missiles firmly cocked toward any and all promiscuous looking skin-colored lady parts. Is there any better way to celebrate a homosexual and/or heterosexual summer?

Heralded as a modern day digital sweetheart, Katie Bush is a Prop-8-hating visual terrorist (with a heart of gold). She received an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute and has been exhibiting her digital & analog art works internationally since 1992. Her film ‘Seeking to Destroy Families and Faith’ was featured at the San Francisco International Animation Festival and her illustrations have been published in Dazed & Confused, The British Medical Journal, BoingBoing, Art XX (Aorta), Rhizome. Her 2004 website continues to enchant morally-upright citizens in over 194 countries and America. 

Exhibition on view now through July 1, 2013
Right Window, 992 Valencia Street, San Francisco