Friday, December 2, 2022

Daniela Tinoco Hernández | bit parts

November 2022

bit parts

Daniela Tinoco Hernández

Daniela Tinoco is a self-taught poet and artist, formally educated as an Industrial Designer.

She enjoys exploring liminal spaces through concepts like vida-arte, sentipensar and radical tenderness. Born in Mexico and based in San Francisco, Daniela embodies her identity as a complex heritage that transforms continuously and refuses to be divided or labeled.  

With this piece, Daniela Tinoco Hernández dialogs with the constant work of building and destroying a life in the margins. It is an intimate work that gathers poems and photographs, bit parts of present and past, a collective and personal experience of a life.

Her sculpture, bit parts, is the performative action of building a piece that later, on December 1st, was destroyed.

For more of her work, visit

bit parts was organized by Takming Chuang. Photographs by @btvisuals.


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Pig, Pig

The first solo exhibition of work by Yang “Buurin” Yu-Zhen

The work presented in Pig, Pig highlights Yang “Buurin” Yu-Zhen's diverse subject matter – landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. The exhibition features works made with graphite on paper and watercolor.

Buurin is a dedicated member of the Creativity Explored community – she prefers the term ‘worker’ over artist. She is always quick to help teaching artists, gallery staff, and fellow artists in the studio. Her detailed artworks reveal her dedication to her craft, her Chinese heritage, and love of cultures all around the world.

The exhibition is viewable from the sidewalk anytime, day or night, during September. 

Artwork from the exhibition will be available for purchase by request. Interested patrons are invited to place an inquiry via email at 

Monday, August 8, 2022

Sheng Lor | Patterns of Transformation

Aug 6 - Aug 28, 2002

Patterns of Transformation

a project by Sheng Lor
mural art by Chad Abbey
poetry by Renée Ya 

Patterns of Transformation is a refugee community story cloth project that leverages Hmong textile forms and visual language to explore memory, trauma, and healing. Using woven cloth, natural dyes, embroidery and appliqué, the project employs traditional textile materials and techniques to reimagine cloth as a medium for discourse, giving context as well as visibility to complex narratives among refugee and diasporic communities.

This exhibition was supported by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts through the Sankofa Initiative of the San Francisco Arts Commission, by Surface Design Association, and by the Journal Building Artist Collective.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Kari Orvik | Slow Glass

 Slow glass, an installation by Kari Orvik 

In Right Window, June 2022

Kari Orvik is a photo-based artist and educator. Her work is often site-specific and engages ideas of presence and absence; exploring what we hold onto, what we let go, and where we place value. Orvik’s work has been exhibited at the Oakland Museum of California, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, where her work is also held in the permanent collection. She has held residencies at Recology San Francisco and the Headlands Center for the Arts in nearby Marin County. She has taught photography at Stanford University; San Francisco Art Institute; City College of San Francisco; and the University of California, Berkeley. Orvik currently operates a tintype portrait studio in San Francisco.
Organized by Colter Jacobsen and Tanya Hollis

See more of Kari's work in Geneva @ SFO Museum (Terminal 2/Terminal 3) May 12 - December 6th

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Laura Moriarty | rapt glass | February 1-28

Laura Moriarty's installation rapt glass is presented by Right Window, @992 Valencia Street in San Francisco, and is on view through the end of February 2022.

This is the second of two readings by Moriarty from Love's Mind, a text associated with the show.

This reading by Moriarty is from Love's Mind, a text associated with the show.

Curated by Steven Seidenberg & Carolyn White

Right Window Gallery, 992 Valencia St., SF, CA