Thursday, August 20, 2009

3-day Right Window artists' shop

Friday Aug 21st - 7-8pm
Saturday Aug 22nd - noon-4pm
Saturday Aug 29th - noon-4pm

100% of proceeds go directly to contributors:
Craig Baldwin, Bonnie Banks, David Buuck, Francisco Camacho, Christine Canepa, Ishan Clemenco, Anne Colvin, Jessica Eastburn, Eufloria, Marcella Faustini, Bruno Fazzolari, Cliff Hengst, Scott Hewicker, Daniel Hipolito, Jo Jackson, Eva Kelly, Elysa Lozano, Anne McGuire, Cheryl Meeker, Rebecca Miller, Karla Milosevich, Tanya Milosevich, Pete Nelson, Paula Pereira, Eugene Robinson, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Ema Sintamarian, Sonny Smith, Wayne Smith, Zachary Scholz, Myrina Turnberg, Kerry Wing and more.

Items include: small paintings, drawings, t-shirts, moonshine, books, CDs, vinyl, posters, prints, DVDs, photos, tools, socks, jewelry, 'zines, HOT CHOCOLATE and more more more. Bring cash or checkbook.

Photos here