Friday, August 9, 2013

Amy Rathbone - Precipice

Amy Rathbone 
August 10-30th, 2013 

2 oz. rocks from Uji-shi, Japan
1/2 oz. rocks from the garden of Marit
3 stones – Milosevich fruit bowl (please return)
2 oz. rocks – Bolinas with parents (don’t pick the pretty ones)
1 Yuba River rock – trade for sip of beer with Robert
4 oz. gravel – with Jocelyn (wash hands after gathering)
1 cast rock from Pang
about 160 arm lengths of thread
staples from Scott
fan – or any form of fake wind

Gather common rocks and stones.

Abide between internal protest, direct experience and pure pleasure.

Crudely staple top rim. Just staple crooked. Don’t judge.

Prattle and wrap with other for five days.

Tie up, turn on.