Sunday, April 19, 2015

Such pre-determination is beyond my ken, a show by Matt Gordon, through the end of April

Sunday April 26 3p-6p. Reading at 4pm with Matthew Gordon, Steven Seidenberg, Pam Martin, & Kevin Killian.

you murdered you. an elegy on the death of kenneth goldsmith

(to be accompanied by keyboards typing)

I will never again surf the web, read
x or go to bed with a
Without wishing that you were there
Kenneth Goldsmith
naming my experience.
i find you reddit, or did not, as
Warhol's sunset.
Liking the memes and keyboard
the Word and Eye make it quietly
as the anonymous users only try to uh
pun their experience.
When you died last month at the age of 54
of romantic subject lust.
We, the always young, lost the last
hope of writing technology revolution
But, We always new
our lyric
for your song ot the internet
doesn't exist
Each of our phones perfectly overlays the
Such pre-determination is beyond my ken
my eyes and brain are awake
the stars stand around me
like gold eyes. I can no longer tell
how to say, think, feel,
what we wanted.
now is breathing comfort
when you say
usually I throw away what I don't get right
the first time
I beg you to please
not write on this wall
I promised you
that I will not write
on your wall.