Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cyber Beach Party by day, nanobites by night. By Gary Fembot.

Two sides of technology,  Cyber Beach Party By Day turns to nanobites by night

Cyber Beach Party is a celebration of e-waste. Techno-trash just has to end up somewhere, what better place than Cyber Beach with host Bibi Brioche, co-host Selexa and the danseparc dansers?  Using laptops as go-go platforms and routers as beach balls, the gang parties until the break of digital dawn. 
nanobites is the other side of the electro-dawn,  emerging in the window at sunset.  Feeling besieged by micro-critters and based on real posts  from, characters go to great lengths to eradicate these pests of undetermined, possibly man-made origin: move from town to town, rant at the government,perform self-surgery, encase themselves in layers of layers of nylon and find many uses for Epsom salts. Contributors to nanobites:  Karla Milosevich, Maria Coomber, Gary Fembot, Chris E. Vargas, Akiko Carver, Johnny Ray Huston and Skye Thorstenson.

On view the month of July.
Screening of complete program with the artist, Friday, July 11 at ATA. 8pm, $7.
Closing party Sunday, July 27 at ATA.

Thanks to Maria Coomber and Iraya Robles for help with the installation.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Amy Hicks - Happiness, Free, for Everyone

Happiness, Free, for Everyone
Happiness, Free, for Everyone, explores issues of control, artifice, and intersections of science fiction and science fact.  Christopher Turner’s biography of Wilhelm Reich, Adventures in the Orgasmatron, provides source material for this ongoing multipart installation and video project. The title owes its name to the concluding line in the Strugatsky brother’s sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic. The collision of ideas originating from these two texts provides the conceptual basis for my interpretation of what the cloud once was—something to be controlled (by the human, Reich, specifically)—and what it is now—a collecting device for human data (to be watched by outside forces or the alien within us).

Reception with the artist - Wednesday the 14th, 7-9pm

On view after dark in May 2014