Saturday, May 13, 2023

Ava Kohboor | Victor Saucedo


Ava Koohbor

Ava's assemblages are visual manifestations of her poem from Woman's Talisman.
Her book, Death Under Construction, published 2020 by Ugly Duckling Presse.

My body's unschooled
locating its own warmth
intimate with the sun
led about by the wind
I came into this world nude
but I exit covered up
covering up my speech
covering up my body
covering up my mind
where shall I
undress to
caress the skin of life?


Victor Saucedo

Victor Saucedo explores their relationship with White American history and society through their experimentation with bodies, ceramics and digital collage. Taking inspiration from David Hammonds gestural prints and their own visceral family encounters. Saucedo builds on as a multidisciplinary artist, reclaiming imprints from historical documents, internet culture and pornography. Saucedo’s confrontational style aims for audiences to reflect on their shared experiences or never even realizing their prejudice and lack of empathy (although unraveled in their volatile reactions).

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