Friday, December 2, 2022

Daniela Tinoco Hernández | bit parts

November 2022

bit parts

Daniela Tinoco Hernández

Daniela Tinoco is a self-taught poet and artist, formally educated as an Industrial Designer.

She enjoys exploring liminal spaces through concepts like vida-arte, sentipensar and radical tenderness. Born in Mexico and based in San Francisco, Daniela embodies her identity as a complex heritage that transforms continuously and refuses to be divided or labeled.  

With this piece, Daniela Tinoco Hernández dialogs with the constant work of building and destroying a life in the margins. It is an intimate work that gathers poems and photographs, bit parts of present and past, a collective and personal experience of a life.

Her sculpture, bit parts, is the performative action of building a piece that later, on December 1st, was destroyed.

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bit parts was organized by Takming Chuang. Photographs by @btvisuals.


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